Low Competition Keywords An SEO Techniques That Works

How To Find Low Competition Keywords

Low Competition Keywords – An SEO Techniques That Works

Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that helps connect searchers to your site.

A keyword is your key to have that traffic you are dreaming of for your site that is why it’s a MUST that you spend most of your time planning of what is the best keyword.

Having high demands keywords are good but what if you already build your website, creates many posts but find out that you chose the keywords that have high demands and have high competition? Maybe you would say OMG! I am screwed. Are you going to recreate your post/pages and edit your keywords? That is not a good idea for SEO.

The option you can do is to create a new post and choose low competition keywords. But what is the low competition keywords? It’s those keywords that have demands but with low competition or low competitors.

Low competition keywords are the ultimate alternative answer to generic, competitive keywords. While most of the long tail keywords that you find might not have a huge volume, the competition is much lower. Less competition means you will most likely rank well on Google and other search engines more easily.

How To Find Low Competition Keywords

You can use your keywords research tools like KWfinder, Long Tail Pro. For this post, we will be using free keywords research chrome extension tool, Keywords Everywhere.

Low Competition Keywords Screengrab

Choose the keywords with competition not higher than 0.2

Alternative Method

  • Google Keyword Planner

    An effective starting point to get a general idea of your niche market and keywords surrounding it. The only pitfall is that chances are your competitors also use this tool and get the same results you do. So, other tools may also be required to get ahead of your competitors.

  • Google Instant

    This is a good way to preview profitable long-tail key terms that are being searched for and have active potential. With this tool, you enter a keyword and Google will attempt to guess what you are searching for as you enter it. This guess is based on searches others searchers have made regarding your keyword terms. Looking into the guesses than Google Instant provides can provide you with low competition keywords that are very long tail (in some cases, they don’t even appear to have search volume).

  • Google Searches Related

    This is a way to follow up on Google Instant. With it, you can generate even more unique ideas that could benefit your business. Once you have these results for a term scroll down to the bottom of Google to find other related suggestions. You will be surprised by the endless amount of possibilities. Again, these are after low competition keywords that don’t always show up in Keyword Planner.

Studying the right way to Discover Low Competitors Keyphrases takes Time

Changing into a key phrase professional is a course of. It takes time and observes to know the right way to transfer from generic, aggressive key phrases into low competitors key phrases within the long tail which are straightforward to rank for. It’s a talent you construct by trial and error over time. Alongside the best way, there are a lot of nice instruments that can assist you to brainstorm concept similar to Google Prompt Search and Google’s Key phrase Planner. You may even use social media hashtags throughout all platforms to know what your viewers are searching for and speaking about within the second.

You need to use each free and paid instruments to develop website reviews and competitor reviews. In addition to, discover worthwhile, focused key phrases which are decrease competitors. Often, if used properly the paid instruments are well worth the funding. Bear in mind, with net advertising and marketing you want to put within the effort, time, and applicable power, you will notice outcomes and yield earnings.



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