Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword SEO Techniques

Latent Semantic Indexing

What is LSI Keywords For SEO?

Latent semantic indexing is keyword on page seo techniques that will help search engines like Google use to discover how a term and content work together to mean the same thing. However, without LSI keywords it takes the search engines a lot of effort to look for these synonyms and the relation of your keywords to the content on your site.

Latent semantic indexing adds an important step to the document indexing process. In addition to recording which keywords a document contains, the method examines the document collection as a whole, to see which other documents contain some of those same words.

For example, ‘apple’ and ‘itunes’ are LSI keywords because they share the same context and are frequently found together. But they are not synonyms.

Here are some examples of how latent semantic indexing works.

Let’s say your page or blog post is about Cars.

How does Google know which meaning of ‘Cars’ is relevant for your page?

Google will be looking for LSI keywords on your page to decide which is the correct meaning:

  • If it finds the words: ‘vehicle’, ‘used’, ‘new’, ‘buy’, ‘sell’, ‘dealers’, ‘repair’, your page is probably about cars, the vehicle
  • If it finds the words: ‘film’, ‘movie’, ‘produced by’, ‘directed and co-written by’, ‘motion picture’, ‘Walt Disney’, your page is most likely about Cars, the movie
  • If it finds the words: ‘association’, ‘rally’, ‘sport’, ‘championship’, ‘Canadian’, your page is probably about CARS, the Canadian Association for Rally Sports
  • If it finds the words: ‘aviation’, ‘regulations’, ‘administration’, ‘aerial’, ‘aerodromes’, ‘airports’, your page is most likely about CARS, the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

Let’s say your page or blog post is about Apple.

How does Google know if you’re referring to the fruit or the company?

It looks for LSI keywords:

  • If your page contains the words: ‘baked apples’, ‘red apple’, ‘green apple’, ‘apple nutrition’, ‘fuji apples’, ‘honeycrisp apple’, ‘eating apple’, your page is probably about apples, the fruit
  • If your page contains the words: ‘itunes’, ‘apple hulu’, ‘apple news’, ‘apple stores’, ‘apple iphone 5’, ‘apple new ipad’, ‘apple stock price’, ‘discount computers’, your page is most likely about apple computers.

Why Google Use LSI keywords?

There was a time when the one measure Google had for relevancy of a web page to a given search question was key phrase density.

As everyone knows, key phrase density was horribly abused and spammed.

So Google moved away from key phrase density and started taking a look at LSI key phrases.

The reasoning was this:

A reliable web page about ‘Apple computer systems’ will possible include a bunch of different phrases which might be associated to Apple computer systems (comparable to ‘apple shops’, ‘apple iphone 5’, ‘apple new ipad’, ‘apple inventory value’, ‘low cost computer systems’).

Then again, a keyword-stuffed web page about ‘Apple computer systems’ will most likely simply include that one key phrase.

So LSI keywords offered Google with a solution to type the sheep from the goats.

However, there’s another excuse Google began utilizing latent semantic indexing.

Latent Semantic Indexing helps Google to higher perceive the that means of a search question and the that means of an internet web page.

And that permits Google to enhance the match between what folks seek for and what they discover within the search outcomes.

How Can LSI Key Keywords Enhance Your Rating?

Listed below are 3 ways LSI keywords will enhance your search engine optimization:

  • Google is now complete context quite than key phrase density. This means your web page will rank larger in your major key phrase as a result of Google higher understands the context of your web page.
  • Let’s say you’ve reached the restrict for keywords density in your web page – any more repetitions of your key phrase and also you danger a Google penalty. With LSI keywords, you’ll be able to safely preserve including carefully associated key phrases.
  • LSI keywords are carefully associated with your major key phrase – they’re ‘key phrase variations’. Meaning your web page is going to return up within the search outcomes in your major key phrase in addition to for these key phrase variations.

Where To Find LSI Keywords?

  • You can use the free tool LSI Graph to look for LSI Keywords.

LSI Graph Image

  • You can also use Google Auto Suggest – when you start typing your query in Google, it will give you the suggestion below.

Google Auto Suggest Image


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