Optimum Keyword Density in SEO for Better Ranking

What is Keyword Density in SEO

What is Keyword Density in SEO

You’ll have heard that it is advisable to be involved in keyword density. What’s it and why is it important in On Page SEO.

Keyword density in SEO is a measurement of the proportion of occurrences of a given keyword (or phrase) on a web page out of all of the phrases on a web page.

For instance, you probably have a web page about “blue widgets”, then the key phrase density of “blue widgets” can be the calculated by a fraction with the variety of occurrences of “blue widgets” because of the numerator and the variety of different phrases on the web page because of the denominator. The number of keywords divided by the number of words multiplies by 100.

So if you have an article with 100 words you are using your keyword 10 times, your density will be 10%. Many people use different formulas to calculate keyword density.

The rationale why that you must place keywords on a web page is to make search engine bots perceive your content material higher so you may rank for these keywords.

However, in current days, the density of keywords issues a lot much less than website high quality and website authority.

However, this doesn’t imply key phrase density doesn’t maintain any worth in search engine optimization. It does. The truth is, it’s one of many components within the on-page search engine optimization guidelines.

What’s the perfect keyword density proportion (in accordance with Google)?

Here’s a myth, If we use our keyword many times, we will rank higher in SERPs.

This will really be dangerous as Google could deal with your web page (and your website) as “key phrase spamming” or keyword stuffing and can result in an over-optimization penalty.

There may be no ultimate or precise percentage for a higher rating.

Personally, 1-3% of key phrase density together with “semantic key phrases” and LSI key phrases works finest for me.

Google suggest writing pure articles. Once more, there isn’t any ultimate share, however putting your keywords in pure locations will work the most effective.

Briefly, you have to maintain a good keyword density share which seems pure and never stuffed and spammy.

How to Check Keyword Density

If you are using WordPress plugin like the one I suggest in my other post, Premium SEO Pack can track your keyword density on every post or pages.

Keyword Density Score Example

Alternatively, you can use an online keyword density tool below:

  • Live Keyword Density Analysis -It is a quite simple device to make use of. Just type the keyword, paste your content material, and the keyword density will examine and finished mechanically.You’ll be able to even edit the article in its interface.
  • ADD Me Tool -This is another tool which will help you in generating a keyword/phrase density report.T here’s also the option to export your result as a .csv file.
  • SEO Centro Tool -This tool goes above customary density checking and analyzes the “tags cloud”.This will helps in attending to know your website’s most essential key phrases.
  • SEO Chat Keyword Density Tool -This keyword density counting tool will examine for each linked and non-linked phrases. It’s one other nice helpful keyword checker tool for site owners.


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