How To Add Structured Data To WordPress

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how to add structured data to wordpress

In our structured data post, we discussed that you can add structured data to your site using the tag manager but found out that is not the best option as sometimes tag manager doesn’t recognize it in Structured Data testing tool.

Today, I will show you an alternative way of adding structured data to your WordPress site manually. We will be using an online structured data generator tool to generate the structured data.

There a lot of structured data generator tool you can find on the web but the link above is the one I recommend because it has a lot of options/property that you can use in your schema. To start, head over to that link and choose which schema you would like to add to your site, in this tutorial, I will be adding Person schema.

  • Select the Schema Property from the drop-down.

After selecting the schema type, it generates the properties below, you can turn off the properties that you do not need by clicking the X button. Just leave the important properties for a person like Additional name, address, birthdate etc.

Generating Structured Data Screencapture

If happen you are not familiar with the usage of other property, just google it with the format below.

Searching Schema Property in google

  • Fill up the details of the property on the form.

Schema Property

There may be a sub-property to appear in the main property that you will choose like in the screen capture above, Address is the main property but there are sub-property below, do not be confused. Just fill up the details and you are good to go.

  • Copy the generated code.

You can manually copy the generated code or just click the Copy to Clipboard button.

Generated Schema

Now that you have your generated structured data, the next thing to do is to put that in your website. A good place in your site is the footer area.

  • Insert the Schema On Your WordPress Website.

Login to your WordPress website, go to Appearance, Widgets. In widgets selection, choose Text Widgets and choose on which footer you want it to display then Click Add Widget.

Text Widget

Depending on the Theme active on your website, there may be several footers, just choose the Footer that you are currently using.

In Text Widget, click on the Text tab and paste the copied generated structured data then click save.

Text Widgets Area

  • Test your Schema

Go to Structured Data testing tool, paste your website URL then click Run Test.

Structured Data testing Tool

The result will appear on the right side of the Structured Data Testing Tool website.

Structured Data Testing Tool result


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